so, run after it.

I used to hate scary television shows. Now, I can’t stop watching them.

The other day, I  felt like I was on the Magic Schoolbus. I talked about how I live my life like I’m running a fartlek, and I wrote down things that need to happen later. I also thought a lot about what the guy who told me he liked my pants was like as a child. I know I should have been totally offended by his words, but the reality is that I was wearing my yoga pants and knew I wasn’t going to make the train in time to get there. I was feeling a little upset about it, about being in the walking part of my fartlek week, and maybe even of my fartlek life, so, instead of being offended, I laughed at him. It was a nice laugh.

When he was eleven he had this experience on one side of a school fence that he thinks changed his life forever. Sometimes he remembers that day without telling anyone about it. Sometimes he talks about something else, when he’s really talking about that day. The people he talks to were probably standing next to him; he was wearing blue shoes. He decided to walk home instead of ride the bus. His brother convinced him to do it because he wanted ice cream. He found a ten dollar bill on the way home and wishes he hadn’t picked it up. You wouldn’t think so, but it’s true. His brother has a job with a euphemistic title, and his bus-mate gets to skip lines in airports.

Recently, I have only been in places outside my apartment that play music and think that silence should be my new theme song. Unfortunately for that thought, I keep singing the Chase commercial in my head.


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