one way, or the other.


Summer is coming, and according to the girl in the bathroom at work today, that means it’s time to straighten your hair during a mid-day break. Of course, I said. Of course.

Desk jobs keep me hydrated and my hands soft, so roughly an hour after I saw her first, I had another encounter with that lonely flat iron.  It reminded me of last week when I overheard the girl who wants to remind me of Jess from New Girl invite her pseudo friend to her birthday party. She wasn’t sure if he’d want to come because he wouldn’t know anyone. He went and fell in love with a frizzy-haired friend in a weekend band.

My boss went out of town and left me in charge of her plant. The single white petal is now brown, but the green leaves stand taller; should I, or should I not, let it sit in the bathroom tomorrow? It’s hard to decide.


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