jump in.

This morning, I was thinking about this blog, or whatever it may be. I was thinking about hiding it in cyberspace. It was an unwritten thank-you-note I wanted to pretend was lost in the mail.

Then, someone changed my background. She made it pretty and clean. And she didn’t even ask.

So, I changed my mind.

Before I woke up today, I decided to be late, and so did the train. Sometimes it happens like that, and sometimes it happens the other way. Smashed underground, I noticed the girl next to me: She was thinking the same thing, but I don’t know if she really knew it. It was the best day of her life and the worst day of her life; she sent text messages covering both sentiments in different directions. She couldn’t decide, but she needed to talk about it. Someone else could let her know. I was jealous of her hair; I had accidentally washed mine with face wash thirty minutes earlier. I wanted to be in the woods. We started moving, and an arm blocked my vision. Dirt and grime were almost the same.

Communication, action, cliche; om shanti shanti om. Don’t time me, please. It’ll happen; I’ll make it.


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