the sun was out.

I woke up at five o’clock this morning. Girl-talk slumber parties on school nights are fun and make me feel like a rebel. In the past, I’ve also felt rebellious for driving “in” the “out” and wearing striped shirts underneath my white uniform shirt. The driving thing was at first an accident and the uniform violation was inspired by Lauren Hill in that one movie with Whoopi.

Anyways, I had some time before work and decided I would take advantage of it with productivity. So after getting ready, I hopped on my bed with my computer and went straight to Hulu. Then I realized I needed to charge my computer. I plugged it in. It didn’t charge.

I spent about seven or eight minutes trying to convince my computer to charge before giving up. I could have read a book. I wanted to read a book. I thought about all the outside-of-work tasks I need to accomplish on my computer. I ate strawberries and yogurt and forgot about those things when I remembered the Netflix app on my iPhone. I watched last year’s season finale of Glee—something I’ve been meaning to do for months now.

I dried my hair in the middle of the episode and finished it on the train. I stood next to a boy in a suit with a serious face and interesting sunglasses. I felt overly aware of the pale knees between my skirt and boots.

The people on the streets below me looked happier today, and for some reason I think my computer will charge when I try again. Maybe it won’t, but I want to think it will.


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