introspection, thoughts and memories

too much information.

Sometimes, I listen to other people’s conversations and learn a lot about them. Then, I see people I know on the street and wonder about anonymity and become nervous about my own public phone conversations. Cities seem big but the world is small.

I talk too much or not enough. Staring at myself in a window today, I thought about the people who wonder about my life. I’m so glad I’m not on reality television, but I sometimes can’t help myself from wanting to know how I would digest other people’s opinions of me. I have a flashback to the middle school lunch table.

I buy a bottle of wine and more or less know how it will affect me. I buy some basil, and there are so many possibilities; I don’t always know what I’m doing, but I always end up daydreaming about the potential. If my mind could think in recipes, I wonder how my life would be different. Instead, I mostly only think about the end result.

One time I made macaroni and cheese in China, and I was happy.


2 thoughts on “too much information.

  1. cbuckingham says:

    One time, I made macaroni and cheese and I didn’t have milk. I used tomato sauce instead. I also added wilting red bell pepper and some ground red pepper for a kick. It was surprisingly good. I am still burping up the taste of the bell pepper. Why do the red ones always do that to you? I’m glad I didn’t have milk. Tomorrows lunch will be a good one.

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