street sightings

just the way she is.

This girl has a bag full of other bags. One of them is from Forever21; another is full of boxes of raisins. The boxes are miniature, and she eats out of one while reading Portia de Rossi’s book. I don’t know anything about Portia, except that she’s married to Ellen DeGeneres. The cover of her book just reminds me of that one time in high school when my friends and I wrote a letter to Ellen asking if we could be on her show. I still have the letter in a notebook somewhere.

Anyway, this girl is really into the book and her raisins. After her 3:30 meeting she didn’t need to go back to the office, so she ran some errands. She’s twenty-six and started working in some industry that interests her three weeks after graduating from college. She has never made a simple computer mistake and doesn’t know how people save things incorrectly or mis-type words. She’s not mean about it; that’s just the way she is. Efficiency is her passion, and she never delegates.

Here’s something, though: She’s not going to go home and make “ants on a log” with those raisins. She certainly won’t dump a box of them in the peanut butter jar and then scoop them up with a stalk of celery.


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