take care.

I wanted to say something to that woman who didn’t stop her car for me at the crosswalk this afternoon. She was starving and was late for her afternoon shift at Bed Bath and Beyond. She needed to get to the parking lot with enough time to pour homemade Puppy Chow in her mouth before tying on her apron.

I obviously couldn’t give her a talking-to. Instead, I spent fifty-six minutes in Trader Joe’s, which covers roughly the same area as an Olympic-sized swimming pool. I creaked around the store with my cart, gave into my no-buying-dessert-at-the-real-grocery-store policy (those 7-Eleven workers are totally catching on), and returned two (nameless) items I reluctantly deemed unnecessary.

I thought about living a balanced life and bought some supplements. I obviously had to get a multivitamin for women, because I think it would be responsible of me to start taking a daily multivitamin. Someone recently told me that I shouldn’t ever neglect taking care of myself. It was my mom and she really meant that I’m nicer to her when I make healthy choices.

I also bought some of those “good for your hair and nails” supplements. I thought maybe they would help my thumbnail; it’s been disfigured ever since I slammed it in my car door at the start of my freshman year of college. I’m not sure it will ever be the same. I’d also like them to help my hair, which I haven’t been overwhelmingly in love with recently.

I made friends with the cashier and forgot to think about how heavy those oranges were going to be on the walk home; I only focused on their beauty – plus, the sign told me that they would be the best oranges I’ve ever put in my mouth. I don’t regret buying them. I shouldn’t assume that the Bed Bath and Beyond lady wouldn’t have bought them because of their weight.


One thought on “take care.

  1. stuie says:

    I laughed so hard reading this in the check out line at The Kroger. Everyone turned to look at me and were jealous I was so happy on such an icky day.

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