daily happenings, street sightings

grande non-fat latte and an ice-water, please.

I’m sitting in Starbucks thinking about the world and what I may want to do with it.

The woman sitting across from me is drinking a Vinte Holiday Latte through a straw. She has three pocket-sized books. One is a notebook, one is a book about Chicago, and one is red. It’s hidden beneath the one about Chicago, so that’s all I know about it. I know some other things about her, though. She’s an older woman wearing a younger woman’s clothes. She’s working hard on her Toshiba, and her boots make me want to put on a play about the first Thanksgiving, starring me as an Indian princess.

Next to the woman across from me is a man who could be homeless. He’s been sitting in his comfortable Starbucks-leather chair in front of the fireplace ever since I walked in. He doesn’t have a beverage anywhere near him. He’s staring into space as if it’s telling him something. He’s smart if he’s homeless. I wish space would tell me something. I don’t think he’s homeless. I think he’s just waiting for someone.

That guy in the pink shirt is kind of cute, but I wish he’d neutralize his Midwestern accent. I shouldn’t care about accents, but I notice them. He’s having an important conversation on his iPhone about a document on his computer. He’s working away from his home office today and the phone call is with an important associate. He’s the owner of his own small business; sometimes he just needs to get out of the house to get things done. Those dishes in the sink aren’t going to wash themselves, but, then again, doing dishes doesn’t bring in a paycheck. It’s a hard life, working from home.

A college senior sporting his university sweatshirt just sat down for a networking session with his father’s friend. He really wants to get into sports marketing. Yes, of course he went to the game last night. No, he hasn’t asked them about that yet, but he will when he sees them this weekend. I’m getting tips about note-taking during interviews. The column method may use more paper, but, hello, it’s all about organization here. The sweatshirt guy is drinking an Odwalla and looks like he hasn’t showered in four days. They both look bored and serious.

Sometimes I put my headphones in and don’t turn on my music.


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