daily happenings


My internship is over. Now, I’m basically practicing to become a stay-at-home mom. I really am trying to find a job, but there’s only so much emailing and meeting a job-searcher can do in the day. So, I’m using my waiting time to train. It’s really productive and smart of me.

Once I get my job, I won’t have time for such training, and, let’s be serious, there is a chance that I may become a stay-at-home mom in the future (after I change the world with my powerful career, of course). It will be tragic if I’m not ready. Plus, there is also a big chance that I will never become a stay-at-home mom, I believe “homemaker” is another way to say it. And, in that case, I need to be able to relate to those people in my life who are.

I’m really making a lot of progress right now. I’m doing my brother’s laundry. I’m sitting on the couch in my pajamas watching Access Hollywood. I just drank too many cups of coffee and am now feeling very inspired, but I’m still on the couch in my pajamas watching Access Hollywood.

After talking to Gladys Knight, the Access Hollywood girl has decided to speak in a Southern accent. She’s from Atlanta and really needed to make that connection with Gladys. The guy gave her a weird look. It’s a new segment and she hasn’t stopped. I don’t think she normally has any sort of hint of a twang. I’m laughing.

I am about to get in the shower and wash my hair with the shampoo my haircutter made me buy. It’s supposed to cure my greasy hair. It’s actually good that my hair is so oily, though, because it’s harder to damage oily hair with heat. Thank goodness for that.

Also, thank goodness I am so smart and waited to buy the shampoo until last week when I could get ten percent off my retail purchase after donating three non-perishable items to the salon’s food drive. I saved money on my shampoo and did something for the community. I’m such a good person, and now I can remember that every time I wash my hair, which I am trying to do every other day instead of everyday. It’s hard to do that when I sweat so much. I work out really hard.

Sometimes it’s difficult to do what’s necessary, but it’s important to try nonetheless.

I really must shower now. There’s so much left to do today!


One thought on “training

  1. cathe says:

    this is sort of amazing. your writing always makes me feel like i am being taken on a ride because its unexpected/unpredictable and hilarious and strange. its a really enjoyable ride though. you’re so special. call me soon.

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