daily happenings

list update.

I’d like to share with all of you how much I’ve accomplished since I sent my extremely important to-do list out into cyberland last night:

1. I went to the grocery store. My brother offered to drive me. I, unaware that he has not yet learned how to get to the grocery store, failed to direct him correctly. Maybe it was my fault, but I was busy staring out the window thinking about how I need to add “go on some cultural excursions” to my to-do list. I didn’t redeem my electronic (is that what it would be called?) coupon for a free dozen eggs.

2. I used a salad serving bowl to mix the batter for boxed pumpkin bread. My house smelled lovely. But then it started to smell like char. The timer hadn’t even reached the halfway point. I felt a bit like Cher from Clueless, except nobody was coming over; I just wanted the house to smell like freshly baked fall goods for myself. Then I thought about that one time I thought I was going out to dinner with a gay guy and didn’t realize that I had actually been on a date with a straight guy until it was over. Maybe that actually makes me the opposite of Cher.

3. I’m never going to learn how to iron. I was kidding when I put it on the list.

And that was enough for one day.


One thought on “list update.

  1. cathe says:

    very productive day. but you know, to-do lists are so exhausting. you really dont have to do anything at all, ironically. i love you and miss you.

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