daily happenings

to-do list.

– Go to the grocery store: Take advantage of electronic coupons; get my free dozen eggs; try not to buy more perishables than can be consumed before they rot.
– Become Suzie-Crafty-Homemaker: Do all of those things you dreamed about doing to your apartment before you moved in and lived out of plastic containers.
– Find landlord’s number and be firm with him about fixing the broken things you told him to fix before you even moved in.
– Maybe have brother call landlord about the broken things.
– Learn to be more assertive in certain situations.
– Hang pictures on walls.
– Put a label on the mailbox so that the mailperson (could be man or woman?) stops writing you notes on your mail to put your name on the box.
– Write meaningful letters and cards to faraway friends.
– Send the meaningful letters and cards.
– Send the care package you made for your little brother when he first got to college two months ago.
– Buy a mixing bowl and become a baker.
– Make a dent in personal reading list.
– Pick up clothes that have been at the drycleaners for two weeks.
– Unpack suitcase.
– Learn to iron.
– Figure out who your neighbors are.
– Create a social life.
– Find a job. *Must be paying.


2 thoughts on “to-do list.

  1. Callie says:

    I could probably help with at least a couple of those. If you stop being out of town every weekend. Speaking of, I’d say your social life is fine. Or at least way better than mine…

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