to my dear patagonia

Things may seem desperate when you tweet to your local Patagonia store and ask them to hire you — especially when it’s a tweet and there’s not enough room to say please. But I’m not desperate; I just know what’s right. I only wish Twitter had given me room to say please.

So, I am using this space to write what I really wanted to say.


Dear Patagonia,

I meant to say please. Please, hire me. I would like to work in your store. I would like to spend my days finding inspiration in the soft gaze of your fleeces and the adventurous longing of your ski pants. I would like to spend my days harvesting creative material from my interactions with your customers. I will help them find their way to the perfect Patagonia purchase. They will love me for it, I promise.

My dear Patagonia store, I love you so much, and I know, I just know, that I’m meant to be working for you at this point in my life. Do you believe in Fate? I do.

Seriously, I’m on a mission that I haven’t yet disclosed to the world. I have a lot to accomplish, and I don’t know what I’ve accomplished in life without a piece of Patagonia clothing or equipment as part of the process. (Leave a comment and I’ll give you a list.) I can’t wait to help others purchase Patagonia products that will help them reach their own potential, whether it be scaling a mountain or walking to work.

So, I feel that if I work at Patagonia, if i spend my days helping other people to fulfill their dreams as they wrap themselves in soft fleece, I will accomplish my own goals, become face-to-face with my own dreams, that much sooner.

You may think that me wanting this job is all about me. It’s really not. It’s not only about me at all. It will be a symbiotic relationship, and it will last.

Thank you, my dear Patagonia. I cannot wait to embark on this adventure. We will help each other change the world. Wow, this is going to be amazing.

With deepest respect, loyalty, and thanks,
Your next, and most dedicated, enthusiastic, and successful employee,


Thank you, everyone, for letting me use this space for this little note. It’s the worst when you don’t use your manners and can’t make it right.


One thought on “to my dear patagonia

  1. Hey Clarkie,
    Not sure if you are looking at our Austin or Chicago location? The best way to get a job at Patagonia is stop by the store and introduce your self.
    Patagonia Chi

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