do you believe in fate?

My life has been busy. OK, mostly my brain has been busy. I don’t know why I haven’t been translating all of the thoughts in my brain into words. I have been wrapping myself in life and then getting tangled in the blanket.

That’s not what I should be doing. I should be nestling down and really checking out the kind of fabric that’s rubbing against my skin. There’s so much to describe there. I need to pay attention.

I’ve already discussed my thoughts on the future. But, at this stage in my life, I can’t help but talk about it more and more. “The Future” is all I ever think about. I will repeat: Sometimes, thinking about the future makes me want to choke on my own spit. I’ve almost given myself the Heimlich several times this week.

But, then, there’s also fate.

I haven’t stopped thinking about fate for the past six days. Mostly, my current relationship with Fate has been inspiring and motivational. Only a few times have I been reminded of my Philosophy 101 class, “God, Death, and the Meaning of Life,” in which my professor marked failing grades on most everyone’s first paper (I got a whopping 50%, which was actually considered kind of a success); I ended the semester knowing nothing about Philosophy, only wondering how that professor had become a “Philosopher” instead of a high school football coach. He had a big neck, but I graduated with a Philosophy minor.

Now, Fate has entered my life in a tangible sense. I’m not debating the reality. I know it’s there.

For nearly a week now, Fate has been following me around. Today it made me massage the tense muscles in my back with a door jamb at the Willis (formally Sears) Tower as I waited for an elevator during an important tour with Middle Eastern entrepreneurs. They made their dreams reality; I should too. That’s part of what Fate told me.

Tonight at dinner, some version of Fate shared the following quotation by Peter F. Drucker: “The best way to imagine the future is to create it.”

He’s so right.


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