i’m nice

My brother yells at me because I try to save the environment by turning off the lights. He says it will not make a serious impact on the world or our wallets if I would just please leave a light on for him when he gets home after dark. I say, carry a headlamp in your pocket.

My brother yells at me because I Clorox the kitchen counters after several cocktails at three in the morning. He says there is a difference between cleanliness and poison. I say, there are babies and animals on the commercial for this product, so it can’t be poison.

My brother forces me to be in charge of cooking the meat for dinner. I tell him we are going to get salmonella and accidentally overcook it. He tells me I did a great job.

I yell at my brother for being messy, trip over my yoga mat in the hallway, and jump over the pile of every shoe I own to dive onto my unmade bed. Then I blog about him in an act of love and decide to go buy hangers so that I can put the clothes on the floor into his closet.

It all comes out in the wash, you know.


2 thoughts on “i’m nice

  1. s.pet says:

    Make sure that when it gets cold this winter you turn the heat down to 55 on your way out to work – while he is still asleep in bed. Then you can blog about it.

  2. Marika says:

    duh of course you should bring a headlamp with you. you never know when a headlight might come in handy–like walking down the street in Corfu, Greece

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