daily happenings, thoughts and memories

a look within.

I just walked in the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and noticed a leaf sitting on the top of my head. It’s noon. I’ve been inside the entire time I’ve been at work. Clearly, the leaf has been there the entire time. That’s not embarrassing.

It’s not really embarrassing, but it does make me think about a little topic I like to call honest confrontation. You know what I’m talking about. Who doesn’t want to know when they have a leaf on their head? Who doesn’t want to know when they have pepper in their teeth?

I guess sometimes people don’t want to know when they look fat in those pants. But I kind of do want to know. I’d rather know before I leave the house. If I don’t hear it then, I don’t want to hear it later. Ignorance can be bliss; I do believe that. But, I also believe that embarrassment and, let’s face it, unattractiveness can be avoided with a little honest confrontation.

It’s kind of like that one time when I tried to take a beauty tip in a magazine and mix it with mascara. The magazine said that, for a natural look, you should wear Vasaline as eye shadow. I thought this was brilliant. It was kind of the same idea as the clear mascara my mom wore (which I totally wear now), but not. I mean, Seventeen gave me this tip. Wearing Vasaline on your eyelids was totally cool. It was also going to look cool when I applied mascara. Then it was going to look terrible when I scratched my eye and mascara went all over my face.

It happened. I was at a family dinner with my grandparents. Nobody sucked it up and gathered the strength to have a little honest confrontation with my poor, young (but not that young) self. No, I only discovered it in the bathroom after my second Shirley Temple. I felt like an idiot.

Last week I had a full conversation with someone with pepper in her teeth. After seeing the leaf in my hair, I’m kicking myself for not confronting that poor girl about the pepper.

This post isn’t my first about my hypocritical tendencies. Blogging really makes a person look at herself, doesn’t it?


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