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i’m not above it

I just finished my first official shift as an “Upstairs/Mat Cleaner” at the yoga studio. I really should go to bed right now so that I can wake up early tomorrow and reap my rewards with a free class, but I can’t keep myself from typing. I’m an extrovert; I need to share.

I love that I am able to exchange my cleaning skills for free yoga, I really do, but, as I was vacuuming, I couldn’t stop thinking about how there was absolutely no interview process or real training. Because I was willing to touch other people’s sweat, did that just automatically mean I knew how to clean a toilet and Windex properly?

Good thing I went to camp. Good thing I’ve spent enough time in Asia. Good thing, my friends, good thing. Without camp, I wouldn’t have the skills to find my way around the cleaning closet. Without Asia, I wouldn’t have the skills to deal with other people’s filth.

So, today, when I got there and realized I would have to figure it out on my own, I practiced my ujjayi breath and got to work. I smothered my face in sweaty mats to get the job done more efficiently. I Swiffer Wet Jet-ed the bathroom floor. I respected the mental concentration of those in practice and planned my vacuuming and dust busting according to the class schedule. I scrubbed a toilet; it really wasn’t that gross. I promised myself I would never become involved with a guy who doesn’t want to practice the Santa tradition with his children as I swung an extremely full bag of dirty towels over my shoulder and carried them to a receptacle that looked like an over-sized mailbox. I refilled soap containers and didn’t even spill. I gave myself a pat on the back after receiving a compliment from an instructor: the front room really has never looked so clean. And I did it all barefoot, including the part where I took the trash out into the alley.



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