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watch your mouth

The L was crowded this morning, as usual. I was standing between the legs of a man reading a book, and I felt trapped. I never know where to rest my eyes in such situations, especially now that I am trying not to spend time staring at my phone. (It’s so hard, by the way.) I looked down at the book the man was reading after I read the advertisements for BBMing seven times. I don’t understand BBMing. How is it faster than texting on an iPhone? Seriously, I want someone to please answer that question.

A wet spot appeared on the page of this man’s book. I didn’t even have a chance to figure out what he was reading. It was probably a complex mystery. I wouldn’t know; I was too busy watching him wipe his mouth. I looked around. Then I went back to evaluating the incident. I don’t think this man was handicapped in any way. He couldn’t have been  drooling at the content of his book; it didn’t seem to be that riveting. Though, I will admit, reading Harry Potter always makes me want to eat sausage, and maybe if this man hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, he was craving the delicious spread described in chapter seven, before he was about to discover a major clue in the twisted plot. Or maybe he had an early morning dentist appointment and had lost feeling in his mouth. He probably had to get a root canal, but did I see a single Twizzler coming out of his shirt pocket? No wonder he had to get a root canal.

My “boss” is really distracted by tonight’s Bears game; I can’t stop thinking about how, as I type, my apartment is being painted. What if I chose the wrong colors?!

PS: Does anyone have any idea how to change the time on WordPress? Right now it is definitely 2:19, not 7:19, and I’m really annoyed.


2 thoughts on “watch your mouth

  1. Katey says:

    RE: BBMing
    No one ever said that BBMing was faster than texting on an ipod. You know what happens when you assume right? It makes an ass of u and me. (I normally would never spell you with just the letter, but I had to make a point)

    BBMing is more of a tool where you can keep track of people. You can see when your message has been delivered AND you can see when it has been read. So you can tell if the person read your text and then takes their sweet time to respond or if they just ignore you all together. Really, I think the people that use/enjoy it the most are stalkers… and trust me I have encountered a few of those who use the benefits of BBMing to its full extent.

    Hope this cleared some things up. Now continue to blog away

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