growing up

be aggressive, b-e aggressive

My stomach was filled with ribs and fried cheese curd from a super fantastic fall Saturday Rib-A-Que when I started thinking about what I was going to eat for dinner. Because I was still full from lunch (if you can call my sampling of nine different kinds of ribs and accompanying sides a lunch), I was really excited to sink my teeth into some good ole fashioned plants for my big Saturday night dinner. But I wasn’t really sure if I was even ready to eat yet.

So, I hesitated. I watched an old episode of Glee online, wondered if I could find a way to de-tone deaf myself, and realized I never ate dinner. I’m uncomfortable skipping meals, so I made my way to the kitchen.

I ate a doughnut that basically tasted like those ‘popem’ doughnut holes I used to buy for myself in high school and eat during study hall. It was delicious. I opened the fridge and looked inside. I opened the pantry and looked inside. I touched the doughnut bag again. I walked away. I thought about getting a glass of water. I went back to the pantry. I ate a Double Stuffed Oreo. I opened the fridge again. I went back to the pantry, took two Double Stuffed Oreos, and ran to my room without looking back, all the while thinking that if my seventeen-year-old cousin and his friend had finished the doughnuts, this little situation never would have happened.

It’s kind of like in field hockey when my brain would say, “Attack the girl with the ball,” and my body would say, “EEEEHHHH, I don’t know if I can do it!” I would hesitate, and the other team would score. That’s what happened with dinner. Next time, I need to skip the hesitation and be more aggressive. Next time, I will win.

And on we go.


3 thoughts on “be aggressive, b-e aggressive

  1. cathe says:

    this is funny. and also, your last line reminded me of this. “and there you go. on you go. hapless, heroic us.” from a book, called the principles of uncertainty. you would like it.

  2. Things could have been a lot worse! I know how hard it is to just munch when you’re past motivation to make dinner. I felt that way with lunch on Saturday.

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