attention, attention

Yesterday, I chatted on the phone with a very important friend as I was en route to a very important social gathering. I hate it when people talk on the phone on the bus. They steal all of my attention and make it impossible for me to stop staring at them. Their inconsiderate act of talking on the phone in public makes me stare. Staring is not socially acceptable.

Yesterday, I was the one on the phone. The woman next to me got up and moved to another seat as soon as there was a vacancy that wasn’t near me. I knew it was because I was annoying her, but I kept talking.

A water droplet fell on my shoulder. It could have been from a leak in the bus. It could have been that the lemonade-drinking woman behind me spewed a bit of her beverage on me because she was so entertained by my discourse. I’ll never know; I was too busy talking to pay attention.

I almost got hit by a car walking across the street. I always yell at those people who are too busy with their phones to pay attention to traffic. Yesterday, I was that girl.

Before I even hung up, I knew that I should have been paying attention to the world, living in the moment, finding truth and beauty in what was around me instead of spending twenty-minutes fully absorbed in nothing but my conversation. I was fully aware, but I did it anyway.

Upon arrival to this very important social gathering, I received a gift. It was nail polish referencing my neighborhood “after dark.” It was a sign. Not only did I need to follow the CTA signs telling me to be aware of my belongings instead of only paying attention to my iPhone for personal growth, but for my own safety, for Pete’s sake. I thought about the events of my commute. I decided to make an effort to lower the focus I have on my phone and increase the focus I have on the world around me.

Here I go. There’s so much to see.


One thought on “attention, attention

  1. cathe says:

    but, your very important friend was so appreciative of your intense focus on the conversation. she needed it, and also enjoyed hearing you get really awkward when someone spit on you on the bus.

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