daily happenings

grand plans?

I wish I could tell all of you about Yoga Sculpt this morning. Yes, I wish I could blog all about the burn and the shred and the flow. But, now, instead I can blog about the fact that I “snoozed” for three hours this morning before I finally woke up, didn’t have time to shower, and then raced into work to find that today was a day that I didn’t actually need to be here until 10:30.

I didn’t even see anything interesting on the street. Well, there was a Bud Light truck where the strawberry man had been. Was that a sign? Probably.

So, now I’m sitting in a dark office. My hair feels greasy, I am paranoid that I smell like subway sweat (we’ve already gone over that one), and my eyes are burning because the lack of yoga makes me forget to drink as much water. I am falling off my rocker. I’m so upset. I had grand plans for an organized adulthood and now I am fa-reaking out that I’m going to run through life in a stressful rush, looking for my keys under piles of laundry and eating cold pizza off the counter for breakfast. It’s so hard being a grown-up.


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