can i get a whoop whoop?

I would like to start the day with a shout out to another creative friend of mine (my friends are so artsy, don’t you know), the creator of my beautiful new customized blog header. We will be old-school and call her by her aim screen-name, cbuck. She is extremely expensive, but very well worth the cost. Please contact her for any and all of your computerized design needs.

Now, before I get back to using my Googling skills to wow my employers with the amount of information I can find in a short period of time, I’m going to leave all of you, my dear readers, with some huge information: I have been promoted.

Yes, promoted. I have been promoted at the yoga studio in the Yoga for Trade program. Because I have been so efficient with my mat cleaning over the past few weeks, I have now gained some more serious responsibility during my two-hour shift. Starting next week, I will be – in addition to cleaning mats – dusting, vacuuming, straightening out clothing displays, and cleaning a toilet. Yes, only one toilet. I haven’t been doing that well.

(Full promotion report to come one week from this moment.)


4 thoughts on “can i get a whoop whoop?

  1. csb525 says:

    i just was learning in school how do get promotions. you do the complete the job you have at task now and make it look like it was easy. that way they see you and are like… oh that girl can handle more. don’t let on that you are working hard and produce awesome results. that will make them wonder what you can do with a larger task. you want to be a total savant.

  2. cathe says:

    whoop whoop. also, francy and i discussed your blog at length tonight. and i talked about it with jamie as well. you should know your friends are highly invested in the success of this blog. good thing its so hilarious. but you should probably come home from that bar you’re at right now and write another post…..

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